I woke up one day, struck by what I saw in the mirror. "Fuck, where did all this gray come from?!” What I was really asking was “Is this it?” If you’re feeling like you’re an ocean away from how you want to live your life, or could use some orientation, well, this film series is for you. (check it out on instagram @iam30Something)

30-Something is a short documentary about the pursuit of fulfilment. It explores how different global citizens in their thirties maneuver through relationships; careers; faith and identity in light of predefined social expectations of their age. Expectations like being seasoned adults, with little room for experimentation or re-invention. In their hunt for a more fulfilling life, will these individuals get phased out by their age and conform, or will they defy those expectations? 




(turn on CC for subtitles)


As a proof of concept, I shot the vignettes below. Though the final treatment will ultimately look very different, the content is one and the same. When these were posted on social media,  they resonated very positively with millennials.





I’m in the process of creating a crowd-funding campaign for the documentary to go into production. This page will shortly be updated with details. 

ROLE: Creative & Director