On Mother's Day (21st March), it was a good time to test whether love for Mom rules. We casted seven children aged between 4 and 7, with a prerequisite that they still believed in Santa and The Tooth-Fairy. After a brief warm-up, we asked them to draw a portrait of their moms. 

Meanwhile, a green Genie walked in with a big mystery box. The jaw-dropping Genie came with a conundrum. "You can have this gift all to yourself, with one condition: I'll take Mommy in exchange; you may never see her again." Some kids insisted on having both Mom and the gift. But we didn't let that melt our fragile hearts. In the end, Mom won with flying colors.

A 10-hour shoot with little ones, with nothing staged. Everyone loved the experience, especially the children who were in awe of the set design. A fruitful collaboration with Egyptian digital content platform, The Glocal, earning us over 3 million views on Facebook, 80K likes, 43K shares - the most viral Mother's Day campaign in the country for 2016.

ROLE: Writer & Director




Executive Producer: Shady Sherif

Producer: Tina Ashraf

Assistant Director: Nada Hashish

Cinematography: Wael Youssef

Art Direction: Sophia Ahmed

Motion Graphics: Mostafa Nada