SHORT // THE LOWDOWN : How To Get Over Him


The Lowdown is a short filmed in 2016. It's the first of a series that speaks to young men and women about how life works. Each piece is inspired by real life stories, and rewritten to resonate with the young and urban. Inspired by Alain De Botton, I decided to write the piece, only in colloquial lingo that young millennials could relate to. The voice of Yvo Sprey was chosen to resemble that of a whiskey-ridden Tom Waits, which tends to sit well with broken hearts. 

ROLE: Writer & Director






This shoestring production was made possible by the help of 

Production: Betul Erat

Cinematography: Artyom Zakharynko

Art Direction: Betul Ellialtioglu

Actor: Myrthe Platenkamp

Voice: Yvo Sprey