LUCKY App // Launch 2019


Lucky discount app wanted to target the whopping majority of Egyptian consumers, with focus on lower-middle class.
Our insight was that we all have wish lists at the back of our heads somewhere: things we want to have, but then a dollar, or ten, or a hundred get in the way. Because the financial strain among Egyptians is as ubiquitous as their nostalgia, we decided it would be cool to spoof a famous 80s song 'If Only' notorious for its stickiness, and offer Lucky is the agent of change from wishful thinking to tangible reality.


This has been dubbed as “the most epic treatment we’ve ever seen”. It nails pretty much every detail you see in the video. ROLE: Writer & Director







Written & Directed by: Amr Assaid 
In collaboration with Lucky Team: Momtaz Moussa & Jaline Magdi
Starring: Mahmoud Ellisy & Nancy Salah
Executive Producer: Ashoub Movies 
Producer: Nader Moussa
Assistant Producer: Lama Badawy
DOP: Ashraf Gaber
Assistant Director: Wael Mandour
Post-Production: Aroma Studio Osama Bendary & the team: 
Abderhman MosbahKarim El BarodyAhmed YoussriKhaled Hesham
Karim El Agamy، Ahmed EssaMahmoud MokhtarAhmed Esmael
Wardrobe: Aya Negm & Mostafa Waheed
Art Direction: Karim El Mahdy
Music: Ahmed Tarek Yehia
V.O: Ahmed El Garhy