In 2016, the Egyptian Pound was depreciated vastly against the dollar. Total economic despair. With income unadjusted, I spotted the opportunity: OLX, the leading second-hand marketplace in Egypt, can get everyone to turn to their own households for extra cash. I presented “Money dug from the inside” as the concept for this campaign. 

OLX came back with a challenge: serve both credible, straight-faced testimonials and sticky, humorous ads. With “inside” on my mind, I decided to borrow from Christopher Nolan’s Inception, serving testimonials within narratives; an ad within an ad. On watching the testimonials on their screens, our characters wised up to selling their household items on OLX, breaking a promise they had made to pass the goods to a loved one.

ROLE: Writer & Director


SPOT  1 of 2 // THE CAR


SPOT  2 of 2 // THE CRIB




Creative: Omar Adel, Shadi Hagras, Amr Assaid 

Executive Producer: Adel Ashoub

Producer: Nader Moussa

DOP: Ahmed Beshary

Assistant Director: Ahmed Okeel

Post-Production: Azman Designs

Wardrobe: Dina Nosseir

Art Direction: Mona Mekkawi

Casting by: The Rocket Casting Agency

Music by: Ahmed Tarek Yehia 

Storyboard by: Shadi Hagras

Cast: Ashraf Position & Helmy Mahros