OLX, Egypt's leading second-hand marketplace, wanted to create interactive buzz that tops its latest TV spots. The idea was simple: translate the "upper hand" that the seller of a used item has over the buyer into a rivalry between two celebrities. We chose Amir Eid of Cairokee, and Rapper Zap Tharwat, who are two leading underground artists. To get everyone talking, the campaign deliberately blurred the lines between reality and fiction, keeping fans awake at night. 

ROLE: Creative & Director


// DAY 1 // 

The following video was leaked to social media and digital press. Amir takes pity with Zap's career, and decides to sell him "Rap For Dummies" over OLX for the little money he can afford. 



// DAY 2 // 

Amir's gesture gets Zap all worked up. In response, he posts this video, where he fries Amir's CDs in the microwave, and places it on OLX for him to buy. 



// DAY 3 // 

In retaliation, Amir posts a rather Zen video, taken aback by Zap's anger, and schools him about how bubble wrap might be the best way to manage his anger. 



// DAY 4 //

Zap pays Amir a visit in his studio, and challenges him to a bubble wrap duel. The video reveals that the whole thing was staged by OLX. Rival fans finally get the joke.




Creative: Maged Nassar & Amr Assaid

Executive Producer: Adel Ashoub

Producer: Nader Moussa