SHORT // THE LOWDOWN : How To Love Her


The Lowdown is a short filmed in 2019. It's the second of a series that speaks to young men and women about how life works. Each piece is inspired by real life stories, and rewritten to resonate with the young and urban. The voice of Peter Eglitis was chosen to give a certain Charles Bukowski flavor to my words.  

So your heart foolishly took the leap
One.. more.. Time..
It’s all dandy but… Do you really know how to love her?
Young man, here is The Lowdown

Love her for who she is
Her peace, her wounds, her quiet
The rebel that she wants to become
The little bitchhh she - sometimes - can be

But whatever you do
Love her …  without the blame
I know. It’s hard to shut the fuck up sometimes
Harder still to watch your lil bird
Spread her wings, itching to fly

ROLE: Writer & Director






This shoestring production was made in collaboration with

Actor & Co-Producer: Nada Moussa

Cinematography: Ashraf Gaber

Color Grading: Sherif Fathy - The Cell Post Production

Voice: Peter Eglitis