How to inspire Vodafone-hopefuls and give them a peek of what it feels like to be part of the family? 
My intention with this piece is to break away from monotonous talking-heads that count the merits of working at Vodafone. It would be too boring for millennials. Instead, Kijamii's brief was turned into an upbeat, somewhat choreographed piece designed to relay the high energy of the firm. Shot over 25 hrs with limited budget, you're looking at a piece entirely performed by real Vodafone employees who stepped up to the task of promoting a place they feel they belong to. 

ROLE: Writer & Director




This is in collaboration with Kijamii

Production: Soliman Asaad

Cinematography Unit 1: Taimour Taimour

Cinematography Unit 2: Kamal Samy

Assistant Director: Mariam Adel

Wardrobe: Gehan Farouk

Art Direction: Assem Sharaf El Din

Account Director: La Reine Heikal

Account Manager: Marise Melek

Music: Abdel-Rahman Hussein

Post-Production: The Cell 

Post-Production Producer: Essam Salama

Editing: Ahmed Assem | Hossam El Masry

Color-Grading: Sherif Fathy