I was approached by Executive Producer Marwa Moaz to join her and Bassem Youssef in the creative development of PlantB - the Middle East’s first show that advocates plant-based whole food. Being plant-based myself, I was very excited to bring a healthier perspective to the Middle Eastern kitchen. Of course there was no way knowing what kind of reaction we would get, given that the Middle Eastern cuisine is deeply in bed with everything meat, everything dairy, and everything fried chicken.

It’s exciting to see though that the show is gaining traction in spite of its release during the month of Ramadan. To date, the most highly viewed episode is the one addressing cardiovascular diseases & impotence at 1.4 million views on Facebook Watch.

My role as creative director entailed researching the material and writing the first draft of the show (10 main episodes, and 5 extras). This culturally-aware first draft anticipated the resistance of non-plant eaters, and functioned as a pre-production blueprint upon which the writing team and the US-based director would later build upon.


As part of my pre-production work, I developed a treatment for the team to use as a guide in production & post-production.